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Honors Program

 "As I take AP and other advanced courses in high school, I recognize that my experiences in the Middle School Honors Program at Beacon Academy were foundational. Some of the classes motivated me to pursue certain subjects at higher levels, and since then, I have found my niche. I am grateful to Beacon for providing a way for me to grow into my full potential."    

-- Julia, Beacon Alumna attending Armstrong High School

Honors Program

Beacon Academy is proud to offer students in 6th, 7th and 8th grade an opportunity to further enrich their learning through the increased rigor of our Honors Program. The program is designed for those high-achieving students who are preparing to take advanced courses in high school. Students are required to apply for the Honors Program and are chosen on the basis of demonstrated skills and merit.

As one of the top charter schools in MN, Beacon Academy is committed to providing students with an array of opportunities for individualized instruction, including offering a variety of Honors courses to challenge students demonstrating academic mastery in a given subject. We understand that for many families researching charter schools and information about the best schools in Minnesota, the option for students to enroll in one or more Honors level courses is a key priority. In order to meet the needs of current and prospective families, our honors courses for 6th graders to 8th graders include:

  • Sixth Grade

    • Honors Pre-Algebra (year-long course)
  • Seventh Grade

    • Honors Algebra (year-long course)
    • Honors Social Studies (semester course)
    • Honors Science (semester course)
    • Honors English (semester course)
  • Eighth Grade

    • Honors Geometry (year-long course)
    • Honors Social Studies (semester course)
    • Honors Science (semester course)
    • Honors English (semester course)

An Exemplary Honors Program at One of the Best Charter Schools MN Has to Offer

Beacon Academy consistently strives to serve as a leading example in the Minnesota educational community, demonstrating the highest standard of educational quality, student engagement, and academic preparation. For high-achieving and gifted students, a charter school can be an excellent opportunity to pursue academic interests and new challenges.

How Can My Child Become Part of the Honors Program at Beacon Academy?

The Beacon Academy Honors Program is open to students who meet the following criteria:

  • Demonstrate a high level of academic understanding through mastery of fundamental course concepts and skills.
    • Student’s final academic grade for any class taken must be 85% or higher; additional honors classes will not be permitted if a student earns a grade of less than 85% (further enrollment allowed after the required grade is re-attained).
  • Demonstrate a commitment to education and motivation to succeed in an academically-challenging environment, including taking on additional responsibilities and academic workload.

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Detailed information about current Honors Program offerings and requirements can be found within the application paperwork.