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Benefits of a Charter School

 As more families take advantage of school choice, a growing number of education options have become available for students of all ages. Instead of being limited to their local public school or an expensive private school, families can now explore a wide variety of schooling options including charter, magnet, and online programs in addition to the more traditional options. One of the most popular options for families looking for alternatives to traditional public school is a charter school education, and the number of charter school students grows steadily every year. As more families learn about the benefits of going to a charter school, they are taking advantage of the opportunity to give their child access to an excellent, tuition-free education.

Here are just some of the benefits offered by high-quality charter schools across the country:

Charter Schools Are Designed to Fit Your Child’s Unique Needs

Unfortunately for many families, their nearest public school is either poorly performing or unsuited to their child’s needs. Until the widespread school choice movement, families had few alternatives to their local school district, often limited to expensive private schools as their only other choice. However, charter schools have added a free alternative for parents to consider, giving them greater ability to select a school that fits their child’s educational and emotional needs.

Give Your Child Flexibility & Freedom Not Found in Public Schools

Charter schools have unique freedom and flexibility not found in public school districts, and their freedom from the red tape of public education often allows them to dedicate increased resources and energy to supporting students in excelling academic standards. In addition to eliminating unnecessary politics and putting the focus back on education, this increased flexibility makes it possible for many charter schools to specialize in specific areas such as art, music, science, or technology.

Charter Schools Help Your Child Excel with a More Rigorous Curriculum

While it is true that charter schools have significant freedom in curriculum design and management, they are actually held to a far higher standard than traditional public schools. Because they are publicly funded, charter schools must still follow all regulations that apply to public schools – but in addition to those laws, they are also held accountable by their charter. Failing to meet academic expectations can lead to a loss of their district charter, as well as decreased enrollment and poor parental approval. This increased accountability ensures that charter schools fulfill every aspect of their educational responsibility.

See Your Child Thrive Through Smaller Class Sizes & More Individualized Support

The majority of charter schools provide students with the valuable benefit of smaller class sizes, which makes individualized attention and personalized support possible for every student. Instead of being forgotten in an overcrowded, public school classroom, every child receives the nurturing and tools they need to meet and exceed their academic goals.

Enroll Your Child at the Best Charter School in Crystal MN, Beacon Academy

When you’re searching for charter schools in MN, it’s likely that you’re facing a long list of options to consider. Making the right choice for your child and family can feel overwhelming, especially with so many Minnesota charter schools to choose from.

At Beacon Academy, our top priority is providing our students and families with the best in tuition-free charter school education, ensuring that every parent and caregiver feels confident in their decision to enroll their child at our campus. We understand that you may have many questions about charter school facts, and we are more than happy to give you the information you need to choose the right school for your child. For more information about Beacon Academy and the benefits of going to a charter school, explore our frequently asked questions or schedule a campus visit today.