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Principal: Michael Reeder | [email protected]
Dean of Students: Myla Johnson | [email protected]
Dean of Students: Eldred Bach | [email protected]
Operations & Communications Coordinator: Ann Marie Roder | [email protected]
Student Resources
Health Office Coordinator: Kao Lee Xiong | [email protected] 
Health Office Paraprofessional: Vanessa Libansky | [email protected]
School Social Worker/Counselor: Megan Carpentier | [email protected]
School Counselor: Stephanie Cramer | [email protected]
ADSIS Behavior Paraprofessional: Cecil Blakes | [email protected]
Resource Room Paraprofessional: LaRika Smith | [email protected]
Librarian: Jill Lorenzini | [email protected]
Main Office
Enrollment Coordinator: Jessica Corbett | [email protected]
MARSS/Transportation Coordinator: Criscelle Kilburn | [email protected]
HR/Business Office Coordinator: Chelsea Sobraske | [email protected]
Food Service Coordinator: Carol Fox | [email protected]
IT Systems Administrator: Tyler Bridges | [email protected]
Q-Comp Coordinator: Elizabeth Brobeck | [email protected]
Elementary Teachers
Kindergarten: Malissa Schreiber | [email protected]
Kindergarten: Crystal Reese | [email protected]
Grade 1: Jamie Gibson | [email protected]
Grade 1: Jenna Bohlman | [email protected]
Grade 1: Kaitlyn Dierks | [email protected]
Grade 2: Cari Reed | [email protected]
Grade 2: Kristin Willers | [email protected]
Grade 3: Bob Forman | [email protected]
Grade 3: Elise Tverberg | [email protected]
Grade 4: Rachel Paulson | [email protected]
Grade 4: David Powell | [email protected]
Grade 4: Hope Reeves | [email protected]
Grade 5: Kristen Gapinski | [email protected]
Grade 5: Elle Marti | [email protected]
Grade 5: Sean Pajak | [email protected]
Early Intervention Specialist: Celeste Nosow | [email protected]
Early Intervention Specialist: Jill Zarriello | [email protected]
Early Intervention Paraprofessional: Nancy McGuire | [email protected]
EL Teacher: Chris Ramage | [email protected]
ADSIS Paraprofessional: Michelle Ackerman | [email protected]
Middle School
Social Studies 6: Adam Winter | [email protected]
English 6 & Science 8: Melanie Spall | [email protected]
Math 6: Ali Nelson | [email protected]
English, 7-8: Bre Felske | [email protected]
Social Studies, 7-8: Matthew Goodman | [email protected]
Math, 6-8: Mike McCauley | [email protected]
Science, 6 and 8: Patty Blake | [email protected]
Spanish Teachers
Grades K-2: Molly Hawkins | [email protected]
Grades 3-5: Raquel Andrade | [email protected]
Grades 6-8: Linda Lopez | [email protected]
Grades 6-8: Lindsey Graske | [email protected]
Art: Kayla Montpetit | [email protected]
Music: Jake Abel | [email protected]
Physical Education: Norah Antil | [email protected]
Special Education
Special Education Administrative Assistant: Brooke Weis | [email protected]
Special Education Due Process Facilitator: Erin Schmidt | [email protected]
Teacher: Natalie Esparza | [email protected]
Teacher: Megan Zhang | [email protected]
Teacher: Mandi Kangas | [email protected]
Teacher: Erica Pfotenhauer | [email protected]
Teacher: Jennifer Purdy | [email protected]
Teacher: Jeff Zacker | [email protected]
DAPE: Jean Davis | [email protected]
Facilities Supervisor: John Hildebrandt | [email protected]