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Why Beacon Academy?

A Tuition-Free Public School Serving Grades K-8

Our Mission at Beacon Academy Charter School is to provide Twin Cities families with a proven, rigorous, and content-rich curriculum, integrated with sequential Spanish language instruction. We are committed to providing a results-driven, small learning community, built around a culture of positive character development and committed parental involvement.

Beacon Academy is a K-8 school that is committed to building second language proficiency, while helping students master writing, reading, math, history, geography, and science. Music and arts experiences are very important at Beacon and are often done in collaboration with the academic curriculum. Physical education and outdoor experiences keep both bodies and minds active and healthy.

The backbone of Beacon’s character education is the Responsive Classroom curriculum. Each day begins with a morning meeting to help foster positive peer relationships and to learn how to solve conflicts appropriately. Each month, there is an assembly where one grade level is in charge of promoting a particular character trait.

To schedule a school tour, learn how to enroll or just to learn more about what makes Beacon Academy one of the best Charter Schools in Minneapolis, MN, call us at 763-546-9999.

What We Offer at Beacon

Beacon Academy offers a high-quality, public charter school education for Kindergarten through 8th Grade students that features:

  • A robust Character Education program with interwoven monthly themes
  • Differentiated instruction to support every student’s individual needs
  • Sequential Spanish language instruction to build second language proficiency
  • Art, music, and technology experiences integrated into the regular curriculum
  • Physical education and outdoor time
  • A Responsive Classroom Curriculum, promoting conflict resolution, positive communication, and other social-emotional skills and character traits
  • Opportunities for parental involvement


What Makes Your School Different from Other Independent Charter Schools in Minnesota?

Beacon Academy not only provides our students with a rigorous, data-driven curriculum and excellent education, but we also ensure that every child has the academic support and resources to reach and exceed their goals. Here, we understand that true high-quality education is multi-faceted, comprised of a balance of curriculum mastery, character and social-emotional skills, and parental involvement. Our mission is to provide students with a well-rounded educational experience that not only helps them succeed in their academic career but also in life.

Are the Teachers at Beacon Academy Certified and Qualified?

Beacon Academy is committed to holding our teachers and staff to the highest standard to ensure student success, promoting ongoing education, professional development, and specialized training to support students’ needs. We believe that certified and highly qualified teachers are key to our school’s academic success, and many Beacon Academy educators possess special training and expertise in classroom management, literacy, numeracy, technology music, the arts, giftedness, and other specific areas.

In addition to professional training and education, we also select teachers who are responsible, passionate about education, well-organized, caring, and of excellent character. It is because of our teachers’ talent, drive, and expertise that Beacon Academy is able to offer the highest standard of education and care to our students and families.