Uniforms & School Supplies

Beacon Academy requires uniforms for all students in grades K-8. Uniforms help focus student attention on school work rather than attire and help to build a sense of community within the school. For more details, see the K-5 and 6-8 uniform guidelines below.


We have two suppliers approved to put our trademarked logo on uniform shirts. They both also carry pants that meet our dress code, but you do not need to purchase pants through them so long as they meet the dress code. Shirts with logos are required for all students.

Epluno: If you order during certain two-week periods throughout the year, you receive free shipping and orders are sent directly to your home. The office will let you know when those order periods are taking place. Any other time of the year, Epluno orders will incur a small shipping charge and will ship directly to your home.


Students wear uniforms every day except spirit wear shirts are allowed on Fridays. Spirit wear is available to families and staff to order through Epluno during several two-week periods throughout the year. Watch for communication from the office about these spirit wear shops.


For supply list information, click on the links below.

K-8 School Supply List


Land’s End School Uniforms
Educational Outfitters


K-5 uniform guidelines 18-19

6-8 uniform guidelines 18-19