Bus Transportation

Transportation & School Bus Information*

Beacon Academy offers busing at no cost to families, providing safe and efficient transportation on a daily basis. Through a bussing contract with Lake Country Industries, LLC, we designate satellite stops that best accommodate our student population. This means our bus stops are located at a central place that will pick up anywhere from six to twenty Beacon Academy students. These satellite stops are primarily at church parking lots, parks, or other schools. Families are responsible for getting children to and from the bus stop they elect to use.

For more information on our bus service or to determine which satellite bus stop would be right for you, please contact Alyssa Roder at 763-546-9999 or ajroder@nullbeaconacademy.com.

Those who drive their children to and from school should enter on the Nevada side of the building.

*During Hybrid and Distance Learning we offer transportation for essential workers utilizing our childcare program and our Special Education students who are on-site for additional supports.

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"Beacon Academy is a great school for all students. There is a good SE department, and the teachers are all very helpful and caring. This school has high academic standards and achievements. The social situation is very welcoming to everyone." - Anonymous via Great Schools