Charter Schools in Minnesota

Minnesota Charter Schools

Minnesota is viewed as a leader in education and the establishment of charter schools is no exception. The first charter school opened its doors in St. Paul, Minnesota, in 1992. Since then, over 150 charter schools have been established in our state. Charter school law varies from state to state, but in Minnesota, they operate as if they are their own school district. They establish their own bylaws and policies, operate with their own elected board of directors, make their own curriculum decisions, coordinate their own busing schedules, etc.

Charter schools are obligated to comply with all the regulations and services required of a regular public school, including special education services and the hiring of licensed teachers. Charter schools tend to attract families who are looking for a smaller, more personalized environment for their children, and yet, because tax dollars follow the child to any public school in Minnesota, charter schools are tuition free. To read more about charter schools in Minnesota, visit this link.

Charter schools in Minnesota must be sponsored and receive overarching guidance from an Authorizer. Beacon Academy’s Authorizer is Innovative Quality Schools (IQS). They currently oversee 22 other charter schools throughout the state of Minnesota and have a solid reputation. IQS annually reviews Beacon Academy’s governance, financial, and academic performance. To learn more about IQS, click here.