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Beacon Academy teaching their students in Crystal, MN

Gifted vs. Honors Program: What Is the Difference?

Beacon Academy is proud to offer the children of Crystal, MN, the best charter school education. Our charter school curriculum includes providing middle school honors programs for students who excel in academics. However, programs similar to ours are called gifted or honors programs, and they’re offered at different levels of schooling. But, these two programs…
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Beacon Academy talking about a back to school plan in Crystal, MN

Beacon Academy’s Safe Return to School Plan

As you read this article about Beacon Academy’s Safe Return to School Plan, you’ll learn about the steps the school is taking to safeguard students’ health and education: Returning to an in-person model Implementing rigorous hygiene practices Beacon Academy is proud to provide education to the children of Crystal, MN. In these unprecedented times, we’re…
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Beacon Academy describes how to get your child organized for school

How to Get Your Child Organized for School

  As you read this article, you’ll learn tips to help your child get organized: Set a time for kids to start homework Show kids how to arrange homework papers in a folder Young children aren’t known for their organization, yet it’s an important skill for school, even in the early days. As a parent,…
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Home Hero – Back Entrance – Cropped

Charter Schools vs Traditional Public Schools: What’s the Difference

As you read this article, you’ll learn about the differences between charter schools and traditional public schools: Public schools have strict regulations that charter schools are free from Charter schools accept students from different neighborhoods, while public school students are limited by district If you’re enrolling a child in Crystal, MN, you have a few…
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Special Education at Beacon Academy

Homework Strategies for Kids with Learning Disabilities

In this article, you’ll read about developing homework strategies for special needs student, including: How organizing a homework area can help your child focus How the right tools can help your child succeed Homework provides additional learning time that teachers in Crystal, MN, use to help strengthen study habits and organizational skills. Buckling down and…
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How to Teach Your Kids Spelling

                What you’ll learn: As you read about how children expand their spelling skills, you’ll learn about: The five stages of spelling development How to teach spelling easily Some children in Crystal, Minnesota, begin developing skills by the time they are five years old, while others may not…
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