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Stress Management for Kids & Teens

At Beacon Academy, we want to equip our students for success, both academically and personally. We value each student not only in terms of their education but also as a whole person. We know you want only the best for your child, and we endeavor to partner with you to empower your child to be…
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Time Management Strategies for Students

The start of the school year in the Crystal area is a hectic time for students and their parents. Students have classes to attend, homework to complete, and exams to study for, and in some cases, have to balance sports, extracurricular activities, and social outings. Trying to get everything done, and do it well, is…
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Difference Between Charter Schools vs. Traditional Public Schools

When it comes to your child’s education, it can be difficult to know what route to take. These days, there is a variety of choices, from traditional to online schools. Some, like private schools, are expensive and selective. Because they are both free for students to attend, charter schools and traditional public schools are popular…
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Why Charter Schools Are Better?

Since the first charter school opened right here in Minnesota in 1991 after a decade of public school reform, families throughout the United States have increasingly taken advantage of this high-quality alternative to traditional education. In fact, in 2017, Harvard’s Ed. magazine reported that charter schools represent a third of the U.S. News and World…
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Finding Balance: Why Extracurricular Activities are Vital for Students

Although social distancing measures of the COVID-19 crisis have limited in-person extracurricular activities in Minneapolis and beyond for the short-term future, these pursuits remain an important part of child development. As you plan for your kids to return to school later this year, explore the benefits of afterschool activities and encourage your children to sign…
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Strategies for Helping Kids with Homework

For parents and students alike, homework can often present a myriad of challenges. From fitting homework time into an already-busy schedule to helping children master stress management strategies to make the process easier, establishing an effective homework routine is often a difficult task. All too often, students are either struggling to complete the work, feeling…
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