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How to Get Your Child Organized for School

August 17, 2021

Beacon Academy describes how to get your child organized for school


As you read this article, you’ll learn tips to help your child get organized:

  • Set a time for kids to start homework
  • Show kids how to arrange homework papers in a folder

Young children aren’t known for their organization, yet it’s an important skill

for school, even in the early days. As a parent, it’s your job to impart this knowledge, but that’s easier said than done. How can you teach small children how to plan and prioritize? Fortunately, we have a few organization tips for school that may help.

Teaching Children Valuable Skills

Before we talk about how to get your child organized, let’s discuss why it’s crucial to start while kids are young. After all, it’s much easier to get backpacks ready and gather homework papers yourself, especially if your children have short attention spans. However, developing organizational skills builds a foundation that will stand students in good stead throughout their academic careers.

It takes extra work and time but giving kids the right organizational tools helps them develop independence. If you teach them critical thinking and decision-making, they’ll be able to tackle homework without your assistance when they’re older. Even if they leave for college, you’ll know they’re prepared for success.

Getting Your Child Organized

Getting your child organized for school may be overwhelming, but you can simplify by breaking the task into different goals. Additionally, creating separate goals can help you identify where your children struggle, allowing you to focus on that particular issue. The best Minnesota schools teach and reinforce these skills, so you’ll have support instilling these organizational habits.

Building Time Management Skills

Time management is a skill even adults struggle with, but it’s essential to reduce stress and ensure deadlines are met. One of the best ways to introduce this concept is with homework time.

When your kids come home from school, give them some time to decompress, but let them know that they must start homework at 4 p.m. (or whatever time works best). Having a specific time to work on school assignments helps kids develop self-discipline and ensures they don’t procrastinate.

Keeping Their Work Organized

Another key organizational skill is keeping track of school assignments and their deadlines. To-do lists are a great way to do this, and a designated assignment notebook or folder will help kids keep their papers in one place.

You may also consider setting up a desk or study area specifically for homework time. You can keep school supplies here in neat, labeled cubbies or drawers. It’s a great opportunity to teach kids how to organize their supplies and show them how much easier it is when everything is in its proper place.

Planning Ahead

Finally, you should teach your children how to plan ahead. Creating a plan of action instead of diving headlong into projects can save time and effort, and the sooner kids learn this skill, the sooner they can benefit.

One of the most useful tools in planning is prioritizing. You can teach your children this skill by going over their school assignments, helping them identify which are due first or will take the most time, and arranging them in order of importance.

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