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The Beacon Academy School Board is made up of 9 voting members, 5 teachers, 3 parents, and 1 community member. Original MN charter school law calls for a teacher majority on the board of directors and Beacon still follows this framework. Terms are three years with the exception of the community member which has a two-year term. Board members may run for one additional term. The board chair must be a parent member. The Executive Committee oversees the Principal position and is comprised of the Board Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary.

The Governance Committee oversees the election process which runs from March to May of every year. Each parent or guardian of a student at the school and each employee has the right to cast one vote for the board candidates. Board member terms run July 1 to June 30.

School board meetings are open to the public. Meetings are typically on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 6:30pm in room 1411.

July 27th
August 17th
September 21st
October 17th
November 16th
December 21st
January 18th
February 15th
March 15th
April 19th
May 17th
June 21st

School Board Members


David Goeske, Board Chair 

I am a parent of two wonderful kids, Simon and Lauren, who attended Beacon Academy starting in Kindergarten. Having been involved in various non-profits, including sitting on our school board in Wisconsin, I felt that I could contribute to the continued growth and development of Beacon Academy.

My wife and I were drawn to Beacon because it feels like a private school, yet it is tuition free. We value the sense of community that is evident in every aspect of Beacon Academy. When I’m not spending time with my family, I work on my photography skills and snowboard in the winter with my son.

Parent seat, term expires June 2019



Melanie Spall, Board Vice Chair 

My daughter entered Beacon Academy as a Kindergartner and finished eighth grade in 2015. I could not be more pleased with her preparation and smooth transition to high school! Her growth in both her academics and character made me so excited to work at Beacon Academy. I began as a substitute teacher and then moved into the role of teaching 6th grade English and science. I ran for the school board so I could be part of the decision-making process of our amazing school. I am excited with the prospect of expanding and also maintaining the academic rigor and character education of the school. I appreciate that in my work, I am around coworkers who are there to help me. I also value the responsive classroom approach we use to interact with the children. Most of all, I love the students who I am lucky enough to teach. In my spare time, I look to travel, and as a reluctant flyer, it has meant many fabulous road trips! Our family’s goal is to visit all 48 continental states and see all the Great Lakes. I also enjoy cooking and going to restaurants, but that is in close competition with a really good book and a cup of my English tea!

Teacher seat, term expires June 2017

Nicholas Meyer
, Board Treasurer

I have been a Beacon Academy parent since 2012 and am thrilled to serve this wonderful community of teachers, students, and parents. Our family was first drawn to the school because of its character development and rigorous curriculum. But it is really this community of families and educators that has kept us here. Beacon Academy is more than just a school, it is the sum of what each one of us has put into it. That is what makes it so great. I live in Crystal with my wife Michelle, son Liam, and daughters Alysandra and Eloise. All three children attend Beacon and love their school. As a family, we enjoy playing games, watching movies, dancing to music, and going to the park.

Parent seat, term expires June 2019


HeidiSHeidi Sheard, Board Secretary 

I appreciate the many people who make Beacon Academy Charter School run smoothly! From our exceptional front office team to our fantastic teachers and paras, I am beyond grateful for our school. We sent our daughter to Beacon Academy for her middle school years and her twin brothers are following in her footsteps. My husband and I are impressed with the way the teachers genuinely care about our kids. I work as a freelance book editor, primarily in the leadership and business genres, and hold a bachelor’s degree in English, secondary education, and a master’s degree in Special Education. I enjoy being involved in my kids’ unique and special interests. For fun, I play tennis and decorate cakes.

Parent seat, term expires June 2018


ToddATodd Alle, Board Member 

I hold dual degrees in Spanish and Music Education and use both at Beacon! I am a middle school Spanish teacher and the proud director of our new after-school band program. I love being a part of the tight-knit community that is Beacon Academy. Since K-8 Spanish is such an integral piece of our curriculum at Beacon, I enjoy having a voice on the board. I am interested in working to ensure that Beacon families and students feel supported and continue to return to us up and through their 8th grade year. The staff, families, and students at Beacon have a unique connection that is not often seen in a typical school. I enjoy that we are small enough to really get to know each student on an individual basis. I’m a little biased, but I also really like that students get the opportunity to take Spanish every day from Kindergarten through 8th grade! I believe our students become more global learners and are able to relate to the rest of the world with this second language proficiency. In my spare time, I try to spend as much time outdoors as possible. My favorite activities consist of travel, camping, biking, running, and playing my trumpet. I’m working toward my master’s degree in Comparative and International Development Education at the University of Minnesota.

Teacher seat, term expires June 2018

BachEldred Bach, Board Member

Thank you to everyone that voted me into this important leadership role at Beacon Academy. I have served as a kindergarten teacher for three years at Beacon and one of the best parts of my job is introducing new students and families to our school! Throughout my time at Beacon Academy, I have served in a variety of roles which include a paraprofessional, a member of the finance committee, a member of the facility planning committee, and a leader of our student council.  I really enjoy attending school events to further develop that strong community connection Beacon Academy is known for. I love to see the excitement of our students as well as engage with our parents. I hope to provide a meaningful voice for our elementary team on the school board. I look forward to exploring the endless opportunities we will have at our new home in Crystal! As for my background, I grew up in a small farm town in Southern Minnesota. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education as well as a Master’s degree in Elementary Education from the University of Minnesota. In my free time, I enjoy going back to the farm, playing sports, and going to the local gym.


Teacher seat, term expires June 2019


MattGMatt Goodman, Board Member

I am the 7th and 8th grade Social Studies teacher at Beacon Academy. I have worked in this wonderful community in a variety of capacities, from various paraprofessional positions to creating and managing the resource room to my current teaching position in the Social Studies department. On the board, I want to be a positive voice and advocate for our amazing school and all of our stakeholders: students, parents, teachers, and the community. I feel that the variety of positions that I have held in education give me an ability to understand and take into account the spectrum of perspectives when faced with any issue.  Our Curriculum Committee keeps me busy researching and working towards keeping our curriculum update schedule on track and on point. 

This place is so much more than a job or a school to me. It is a community.  It is my community.  I love my work here at Beacon Academy, and I cannot wait to continue to work towards a bright future for our amazing school! I am a trained carpenter and amateur woodworker in the summer. I enjoy reading of all sorts, staying tuned to current events, following sports, and playing board and trivia games. 

Teacher seat, term expires June 2017


BrandonHBrandon Huberty, Board Member 

I am the 7th and 8th grade English teacher at Beacon Academy. My first day working at Beacon Academy happened to be my first day of substitute teaching. It took me mere hours to realize that the program that Beacon Academy had was something special. That was back in October of 2009. My roles have included K-8 substitute teacher, paraprofessional, technology teacher, and my current position of English teacher. Beacon Academy’s unique nature comes down to the sense of community one feels when being a Beacon staff member, parent, or student. A large amount of this comes from our incorporation of Responsive Classroom (Developmental Designs for middle school) which very purposefully sets out to create this sense of community. Another aspect of Beacon that is important to maintain is our level of rigor. To me, this means pushing our students to reach the highest levels of what they are capable of academically. Being involved in helping to shape this school’s future, while maintaining our most important core values, is important to me, especially as we make our move to a new building.  My hobbies include reading, biking, running, and gaming.

Teacher seat, term expires June 2018


mreed_boardMichael Reed, Board Member

I am the former technology teacher and Q-Comp Coordinator at Beacon Academy. I have previously served on the board as a teacher representative and vice chair on the school board. Since my time at Beacon Academy I have earned my Ed.S. degree in K-12 Leadership and my K-12 principals license. I have also worked in the Robbinsdale Schools and district-wide behavior specialist overseeing the PBIS and Alternative to Suspension Coordinator and now am at Brooklyn Center Community Schools at the 6-12 Director of Instrumental Music and working with staff on culturally responsive education.

I am excited to be able to serve the Beacon Academy Community through this transitionary period and give back to a school that I feel does so much for the students we serve. In my time outside of school I spend time with my wife Lea, and my two awesome boys, Alex and Jacob. We love spending time at the cabin throughout the year and also enjoy attending music events, especially marching band and drum corps events.

Community Member seat, term expires June 2018


Beacon Academy has six board-level committees. These committees meet monthly, receive direction from the board, and report back to the board as appropriate. The committees are made up of board members, staff members, and parents, and all meetings are open to the public. 

Curriculum Committee
The Curriculum Committee reviews the school’s curriculum on a defined review cycle and makes recommendations to the school board based on their findings. They meet once a month while school is in session. Refer to the school calendar for meeting days and times.

Employee Retention and Compensation
The Employee Retention and Compensation Committee explores avenues for retaining our quality employees through monetary and non-monetary compensation. Meetings take place when school is in session. Refer to the school calendar for meeting days and times.

Facility Planning
The Facility Planning Committee plays an active role in the expansion efforts for Beacon Academy. The committee meets at least once per month, usually the second Monday of the month. Refer to the school calendar for confirmation of meeting dates and times.

The Finance Committee works closely with the Business Manager, the Board Treasurer, and the Principal to ensure financial accountability and stability for Beacon Academy. The Finance Committee meets at 5:30 p.m. the same day as the board meetings in the main office. If the board meeting date/time changes, so does the Finance Committee meeting. Refer to the school calendar for confirmation of meeting days and times.

The Governance Committee reviews and creates the policies for Beacon Academy. They meet monthly all year around except for July and December. This committee meets one Monday night a month. Refer to the school calendar for meeting days and times.

The Technology Committee reviews the technology needs for Beacon Academy and creates a cycle for maintenance and implementation. They meet monthly all year round except for July. Refer to the school calendar for meeting days and times.

Friends of Beacon

Friends of Beacon (FOB) is building corporation, formed as a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization on behalf of Beacon Academy. FOB meets as needed.

Current FOB Board Members

  • Ann Marie Roder – President
  • Tom Kline – Treasurer
  • Paige Roth – Secretary
  • Kris Gapinski – member

Download Friends of Beacon Bylaws

2016 990 Form – Public Inspection Copy

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