Enrollment FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Open Enrollment Period for the next school year?

Beacon Academy’s open enrollment period is from the first Tuesday in September to Monday, February 1st at 4 p.m. (If February 1st falls on a weekend, the open enrollment period ends on the Fridaybefore February 1st).

Will the students currently enrolled in Beacon Academy have priority?

Students who are currently enrolled at Beacon Academy are guaranteed a place in the class for the next school year. They do not need to re-apply unless they have officially withdrawn and wish to return to Beacon Academy.

During the open enrollment period, is it first come, first served?

According to charter school law in the State of Minnesota, we must hold a random lottery for the available openings in the school if there are more applicants than openings for each grade level. The deadline for submitting an application eligible for the lottery is February 1st at 4 p.m. (If February 1st falls on a weekend, the application deadline is the Friday before February 1st.) All applications received by this deadline are weighted equally in our lottery session made open to the public. Applicants who are not placed according to the lottery drawing will be placed on an ordered waiting list and notified promptly if a space becomes available. For further details, please ask to see our Lottery Procedure or Enrollment Policy.

Do enrolled student siblings or children of Beacon Academy employees have preference in the enrollment process?

Siblings and children of Beacon Academy employees have preference in the enrollment process. If a student is currently enrolled in Beacon Academy, their sibling(s) will have priority in the class in which they have made application.

I have a child/children on the current waiting list. Do they have priority over the applications received in next year's open enrollment period?

No. Per Minnesota state statute, each year is a separate enrollment period. Those students on a waiting list for the current school year will have to submit a new application for the next school year. No consideration is given to their status in the previous enrollment period.

Who can I contact for more information?

Julie Brinkman, Enrollment Coordinator
763-546-9999 ext. 100